multimedia production

DVD and CD creation

utilizes a variety of production techniques ranging from scripting and traditional design to animation and DVD menu programming. Based on your unique needs and expectations, our flexible work-flow is designed to insure that your final product will be exactly what you ordered and just what your market needs.

TBG provides multimedia content for numerous channels. The Internet is perhaps the quickest channel for production. We can supply files for Adobe Flash®, Quicktime®, Windows Media Player® and most popular formats. Besides the web, your multimedia projects can also be formatted for traditional CDs and DVDs. We can produce both standard definition and a variety of high definition formats.


While we provide DVDs and animation for our clients in Idaho, we can ship finished DVDs to any location, and with high-speed Internet access, our out-of-state clients constantly remain in the production loop. Call our office to schedule a free consultation. Together, we'll plan your next multimedia project.

Re-purpose your assets for better market saturation

Once we have created your digital assets, whether it's 3D animation, illustration or edited movie files, we can re-purpose your assets across a wide range of formats and channels. From web banners to Flash presentations on CD to more traditional DVD programming, your project can be finished to meet the requirements of many different types of media.

Attractive and affordable DVD packaging options with TBG

Your DVD and CD packaging deserve to look their very best. That's why we offer a full range of packaging options for your DVDs and CDs. From economical inserts and full color disc printing on your CDs or DVDs to more robust direct mailing options, TBG can put the polish on your assets to help ensure your projects don't wind up in the round

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Who are we?

We are a small group of highly innovative people who know how to market your products and company through a variety of channels including web development, print design, multimedia, animation and broadcast. We specialize in producing high-value 3D assets for print and animation focusing on architectural renderings and 3D product design for advertising and marketing.