3D Product Visualization

Virtual 3D products are a great way to not only visualize what the final product is going to look before production, but your 3D images can also market your real products after you have real products to sell. The evaluation phase is critical to assess just exactly how the product is going to look and interact with a larger product line. Virtual 3D products can also be used in test markets by eliminating all but the visual key points you want your audience to focus on. With a 3D workflow, everything can remain the same, lighting, orientation, scale, etc. only changing colors, materials and labels as needed.

Because marketing begins well in advance of your manufacturing date, a virtual 3D workflow can once gain save time and money. All your marketing materials can be designed with placement holder images until the final design is chosen. Once you have a final design, it's easy to do a final render, and your marketing is done and waiting for your first shipment of goods to sell.

With The Burroughs Group, any type of product can be brought to life. We only use real world materials that have the correct specifications so that your materials will look just like the real thing.