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Step 1
We start with what you have and where you want to go.
The process of 3D architectural rendering starts with accessing your assets and understanding where you want to go with them. These assets might be paper napkin sketches, blueprints, elevations, CAD or even physical models. From these assets we build whatever it is you need. From detailed photo-realistic renderings, to animation or even the creation of supporting websites. Since architectural rendering projects come in all sizes and shapes, we need to understand what marketing, advertising, and communication goals you have in mind. Do you need an integrated multimedia package featuring animation, walk-throughs and supporting printed material or just a quick render to show the planning and zoning commission?
Step 2
Building your 3D model and texturing
Modeling: Once we understand your assets, the level of complexity and what kind of final output you need, we can give you a bid. More on pricing can be found here. Once we begin working on your project, we keep you informed every step of the way via our website's client login where you can track progress, post changes and comments, and stay informed at every step.
Texturing: With your architectural model now completed, we start to breathe life into your project. For our architectural renderings, we only use photo-accurate architectural shaders specifically developed to simulate real-world architectural materials. We understand your project's materials are extremely important, and we work closely with you on on material and texture creation.
Step 3
Fully immersive 3D environment creation
For many, this is the most exciting step as we finalize your architectural rendering project by developing the world your project lives in. Based on the level of architectural detail and project parameters, we ground your project in "real world" elements. This may be include a simple lawn with trees, or may require exact landscape maps calling out specific plants and sizes for an ornate landscaping treatment, or your project may think bigger -- requiring us to build entire mountains, lakes or entire worlds. If you already have site photos, we can integrate your new architectural rendering right into the background photo and match color and lighting.

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