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Jul 26

Commercial Writing Example

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Reach your audience more effectively with copy specifically written for your target audience. Your business can't afford the luxury of general ad copy. TBG can help reach your market and ensure your message stays on task through different channels.From script writing to final ad copy, we can help you gain critical competitive advantage by making your content king.

  • Script writing: corporate, multimedia, radio, TV ads
  • Copy writing: articles, newsletters, press releases, ad copy
  • Website content: product articles, newsletter, instructions
  • Multimedia: navigation, help files, menus, content
  • SEO web development: blogging, articles, key-words

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Writing Samples

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writing example: 8 page booklet

writing example: multimedia

writing example: standard 3 panel brochure

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Professional Writing and Editing

Text quality is too often sacrificed in the interest of meeting rushed deadlines. Fortunately, The Burroughs Group understands the fundamental role words play in translating marketing messages to consumer action. From video, broadcast and commercial script writing to advertising copy, technical writing and web pages, TBG delivers outstanding copy for your company.

Remember, too, that even the highest caliber assets eventually grow old and become tiresome. Before signing off on yet another print job for those out-dated brochures, consider rejuvenating your collateral with a fresh edit. By the project or by the hour, our editing rates are a perfect fit for your budget... and a surprisingly simple solution for weary or cliched text.


Home Writing | editing & SEO Professional Writing and Editing