Create a new email account in Thunderbird E-mail

If you have just installed Thunderbird, you will see the Mail Account Setup window the first time you launch the software.


Just type in your name, email address and password and click "Continue."This will launch Thunderbird's auto-configuration wizard. Theoretically, it will try different settings and select the correct configuration. You should see two green dots like the image below, if it find everything to its satisfaction.


It may just check your password and you're done. Simple! Okay, so it's not quite THAT simple. Thunderbird may try to create a SSL based connection. You probably do not have a SSL certificate on your site, and it will default to the outgoing server.hellcatsystems shown above.

  1. Click "Create Account. Since it wants a SSL connection (Secure Socket Layer) and chances are you don't have or need one, it requires confirmation. You will see the following screen pop up. Just click Confirm Security Exception. (Of course, your location will not be what is shown).

  2. It will test your password and you can now use, send, read and manage your email from Thunderbird.
For help managing Thunderbird, please review your included help files right from Thunderbird.


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