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AcyMailing: Getting Started
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Your website may come pre-configured with a newsletter component called AcyMailing. This is a "getting started" tutorial and for more detailed information, please follow this link to their website.

First, you will need to sign in to the administration side of your website. Typically the address is Once logged in to the admin control panel, mouse over "Components" and select "AcyMailing" (see figure below)


Depending on which version you have, the menu will look a little different. We have already setup and tested your newsletter and imported your users and/or other lists so you have someone to send your newsletter to.

A note on users:

The first icon or link is "Users." These are the people to whom your newsletter is going to be sent.  Somewhere on your site, usually the front page, there's a module that will allow people to sign up for your newsletter. They input their name and a valid email address, and the system automatically puts them into your newsletter user que.

In the Users sections, you can delete unsubscribe and add new users manually by click on the "New" button in the upper left. When users decide they no longer want your email and click on the unsubscribe link (must be present in every newsletter you send) they will be taken to your site where they can unsubscribe. You must respect their decision and not manually re-add them in. Doing so would violate our SPAM policy and my result in your sites' removal.


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