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The Pacific Northwest's first choice for animation

The Burroughs Group offers outstanding animation and video editing for broadcast, corporate DVDs, multimedia direct mailings and the Internet. We utilize the most cutting edge technology to streamline our work flow and enhance your marketing like never before. Watch TBG Reel


technical There's no better way to advance complex ideas or instruction than animation

Customers are increasingly resistant to reading heavy text. Give them what they want through educational, informative and entertaining animations.With TBG, we can repurpose your animations to stream online, on DVDs or CDs or trade shows and even hi-def. Watch


promotional Move your marketing and promote your products through custom animations

Promoting your product using sophisticated animation has never been easier, or less expensive. You need every advantage in today's tough market to succeed. Promote your next product launch using TBG. Watch Promotions Sample

Product Launch

product launch multimedia and animation Create more Buzz; get more attention with innovative animations

Launching a new product requires tremendous effort and coordination between hundreds of elements. Let TBG help you cut through the clutter and create buzz and interest with innovative animations, multimedia and web delivered content.
Watch Product Launch Sample

Large Venues

large venue animation and trade shows Large venues and trade show animations

Large venues present specific challenges for marketing your products. Help connect with large audiences by utilizing some of the most cutting edge animations and video special effects in the industry.. Watch LargeVenue Sample

Dental Animation & Illustration E-mail

Dental Animation & Illustration

Often complex instructions and concepts are best told with animation techniques. Dental concepts and procedures are perfect for animation, especially considering the physical space limitations of the mouth. It's crowded enough in there without adding a camera and lights! At TBG, we can illustrate a variety of dental treatment techniques and patient care procedures for the novice and the professional. Dental animation and custom illustrations are terrific tools to help your education materials achieve a higher retention rate.TBG's dental animations can be streamed over the Internet, or produced as a menu-driven DVD or CD.

The Burroughs Group has produced a variety of professional dental animations and educational material for hygienists, doctors, office professionals and patients. Along with producing your cutting-edge dental animations, we also develop high-end websites to help showcase your practice. From detailed tooth decay and oral hygiene to braces, headgear and training, let TBG show you how easily one of the most advanced animation facilities in the industry can help your business and patients.

The dental animation sample below is just a few minutes of a 35 minute training DVD for new orthodontic patients.

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