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email_iconThe Burroughs Group has created these email-based tutorials to help our clients manage their email setup. Email can be tricky, and there are many ways to get email working. Our email accounts are primarily meant to be used with an email client like Outlook or Thunderbird. While you can access your email online, we recommend using software to manage it. Most people have multiple email address, and you will find management a lot easier from one location.

Getting started with your new email

Thunderbird (it's free!)

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Domain and Hosting E-mail

networkIs your website currently being built at the same domain name while your old site is still active? Have no fear! Your Host file will help!

Joomla Tutorials E-mail

joomla_icon Welcome to our online tutorial section designed to help our clients with learning and maintaining their advanced Joomla-based content management system. (Say that really fast three times in a row!) Your new website has many features and capabilities. Please browse through our tutorials for step-by-step instructions covering some of the more important aspects of your website. We're always adding content, so please check back frequently.

Article Management

JCE Editor

How to use the editor for image management

Menu Management

AcyMailing Newsletter

Events Management

Google and your site


Adding Names to QContacts

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