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Further SEO services TBG can provide are:

  1. Competitive Analysis - We will research your top-ranked competitors' websites and develop a plan to help increase your traffic based on their strengths and weaknesses and the current state of your website.
  2. Keyword Research - Need help in expanding your site? Don't know what key words to capitalize on when developing your articles? TBG will research what key words people are using when searching for similar products and services and develop a plan to edit existing text or expand your site to include content based on our research.
  3. Customer Usability - Is your information hidden? Is your site organized efficiently? How easy is it for your visitors to find information on your website? Are there on-site tools to help? With in-site tools such as local searches, dynamic embedded maps and forms, and automatic navigation components, there may be better ways for your customers to find and contact you. The goal of this analysis is to ensure that your website is optimized for capturing leads as well as providing the visitor with the information they are looking for.
  4. Lead Capture/Analysis - Not all business can benefit from capturing leads, but most can. We can implement campaigns to allow your site to capture and keep customers coming back from simple guest books to more robust site-integrated newsletters.
  5. Content SEO Optimization - Once your plan, based on research, is complete, we need to optimize your text. Another way of saying this is we need to write a lot of text. This "SEO optimized" text will be written for two audiences: people and search engines. Using your campaign's targeted keyword phrases, your new content may include:

    • use of hierarchy tags with selected key words
    • keyword-phrase rich body copy
    • key word rich meta data
    • key-word rich image tags
    • internal cross linking
    • dynamically updated site maps
    • select key word URLs and navigation.

  6. Search Engine Submissions - Manual website submission are provided to the major search engines. The submission process is done by hand to ensure that all submission guidelines have been met and will not result in any penalties by the search engines.
  7. Monthly Traffic Reports - Websites are never "finished." The market constantly changes as does technology and the interests of your customers. Traffic reports and other data from Google Analytics allows everyone to see where minor tweaks or changes in strategy are needed.
At TBG, we never over-sell, inflate our services or make false claims. If you want real solutions for real business, make TBG your next marketing partner.
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