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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a fundamental component to every successful website. In order boost traffic via search engine results, businesses use SEO techniques to increase their rankings in the organic or natural section (see bottom graphic). SEO should not be confused with SEM (Search Engine Marketing) which promotes websites through paid advertising, contextual advertising and paid inclusions. With proper search engine optimization techniques, you give your company its best chance for being seen on the Internet.

SEO is not a magic recipe for wild success, however. Simply optimizing your site for search engines will not automatically place you in first position. Optimizing your site for search engines, while important, is only the first step to increasing your online exposure. You still need content that people want and that they find useful. SEO only helps people find your content if they're looking for it.

Many companies are overselling SEO and "guaranteeing" high rankings, even going so far as to "guarantee" first position in Google's search engine. Nothing can be further from the truth. While important, SEO is only as good as your content. And just because your business is on the Internet doesn't mean good marketing practices can be ignored. You still need a professionally designed website, logical navigation, and well written and informative content.

TBG's extensive knowledge of search engine optimization techniques and marketing allows us to incorporate SEO aspects in every website we build.However, we know SEO is not enough. We still need to consider your demographics, your marketing plan, how mature your industry is, how much education is needed with your product, your sales goals and what your competition is doing. In short, we use proven marketing strategies to help build an SEO optimized website full of great content.


Generic search engine terms vs a more targeted approach

No one says, "build me a website that performs poorly in search engines." Everyone wants to do well, be found and have high rankings. Everyone cannot be on the first page, however. Be realistic when developing your marketing goals and plans. If you sell customized lunch totes, don't expect to type in "lunch totes" and see your website in first position two weeks after launching your site. The more generic the term, the more competition you have. If you're a new business on the Internet, everyone has a head start and is more established than you are. Knocking the leaders down require a lot of time and effort. And, believe it or not, it may not be in your best interest.

In the above graphic of a search engine return, TBG is in first position by adding the word "Boise" to a search on animation. Localized by geography will greatly enhance  your rankings. If you were to search a generic term like "animation" you would have to scroll through thousands of pages before finding us, and no one is going to do that. Plus, the more generic the term, the bigger the margin of error the search engine has in trying to match your information request with useful  content. Suddenly (using just "animation" in a search) we are competing with Pixar, animation schools, Wikipedia, and computer manufacturers. This is not our competition, and we would not want to spend time and energy trying to show up here. Instead, we concentrated on a more localized market: Boise, Idaho. After a little research, we discovered a better search engine term for us might be, "business interactive." At the time of this article, we don't have any information targeting "business interactive." Since this fits into our services, and marketing goals, the next step for us would be developing assets (articles, graphics and maybe even some multimedia) all about business interactive. Using research, we know this will be far more productive than trying to dominate the generic term, "animation."

As you can see, geography filtering helped our search engine results. And, after a little research, we realize our site could be further developed our site by creating articles on a narrow component of what we do. You may want to do the same for your products.

In our fictionalized lunch tote business, the owner may do better to dominate the "insulated customized child lunch tote" search string; then from there, expand to try and capture "customized lunch totes." Eventually, after building a great and informative site, the owner might want to try and show up under lunch totes, but this will take a lot of effort and time. Better to drive a wedge into the market and expand from there than to try and capture the entire market out of the box.

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