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Jul 26

Commercial Writing Example

Writing & Editing Services

Reach your audience more effectively with copy specifically written for your target audience. Your business can't afford the luxury of general ad copy. TBG can help reach your market and ensure your message stays on task through different channels.From script writing to final ad copy, we can help you gain critical competitive advantage by making your content king.

  • Script writing: corporate, multimedia, radio, TV ads
  • Copy writing: articles, newsletters, press releases, ad copy
  • Website content: product articles, newsletter, instructions
  • Multimedia: navigation, help files, menus, content
  • SEO web development: blogging, articles, key-words

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Writing Samples

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writing example: 8 page booklet

writing example: multimedia

writing example: standard 3 panel brochure

Professional Script Writing E-mail

professional scriptwriting

Professional Script Writing

More than just copywriters, TBG excels at a variety of script writing forms. We have been writing scripts for television and corporate venues for over a decade. The samples provided here are just some of the many different types of scripts we have produced. Whether your company needs a short 15- or 30-second spot, a larger and more complicated multimedia script or event scripting we can convey your message in just the right terms for your audience.

Video on the web

With the increasing bandwidth and new web technologies, video on your website has never been easier or more affordable. Combining networking sites like YouTube.com with your own website not only cuts overhead on your own site, but helps search engines find your material. If you want to engage your audience and offer unparalleled marketing opportunity that only video can offer, contact TBG today. It's more affordable than you think!


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