Setting up your PayPal IPN E-mail

When an order is generated by Virtuemart, it talks to PayPal and says, "Hey, I got this person, see. They want all this stuff and this is how much it costs, see. So I'm going to send them over and you take real good care of them, see."

Unless you enable IPN (Instant Payment Notification) on your PayPal Account, PayPal is going to go mum. It won't say anything, probably because your site talks like a mobster. Your order status defaults at "pending." This is fine, except when PayPal takes the money from your customer and gives it to you, it would be nice to know that "Pending" order is really "confirmed." This is where the IPN comes in handy.

1. Log in to your PayPal account, mouse-over "Profile" and click "More Options.


3. Click the Instant Payment Notification Preferences link in the Selling Preferences column.

4. Click the big button down at the bottom on the next screen, "Choose IPN Settings."

5. In the "Notification URL: type the following address, updating it to reflect your correct domain, of course.

6. Check the radio button to "Receive IPN messages (Enabled)

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