Setting up API with PayPal for your shopping cart E-mail

If your website is e-commerce enabled (techno-babble for shopping cart), AND you have PayPal Pro (you're dishing out $30 a month for this one)  you can enable virtuemart to make payments right on your website with Virtuemart 1.5.

1. Login into your PayPal account, and mouse-over the "Profile" link in the navigation bar across the top and click "More Options."


2. In the next window, click "API Access over on the left.


3. Now you're presented with a choice. You'll want to Request API credentials. This information you will send to your friendly web developer (me!) Note that mine says "View API Signature" since I've already requested one. Your screen will probably say "Request API Credentials."


4. You will have to Agree to their terms. Just click Okay.

5. I'll need the following information from your newly created API credentials.
The API Username
API Password


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