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The main content in your Joomla site will be articles. Unlike hard-coded websites, your Joomla CMS (Content Management System) is based on a database, and is very flexible. Your articles (you're reading one now) will be saved in "folders" inside your database, and in order to manage and view these articles, you will need to understand how to set up and maintain the article management of your Joomla site.

Articles can be any combination of text, images, music and even video that is saved into one document. In Joomla language, these documents are called "Articles." Before you can save an article, however, Joomla needs to know where to find it. This is where the Section Manager and Category Manager come into play.

The Section Manager is your top-level "folder" for your articles and categories (see image below). Similar to a file structure on your computer, you can have multiple Category folders inside each Section.

In our simple example below, the website has three navigation links across the top. In Joomla language, these are called Menu Items and can be found under Menus/Menu Manager in your administrator panel. The active Menu Item in our example is called "About Us." What this Menu Item is doing is linking to the database and looking for a single article called "Welcome to our Business." It finds that specific article and displays it on the page when someone clicks it.


The page displays this article because the Menu Item is set to display a single article. In this case, you could get the same result (because there is only one article inside the Category "Welcome Info") if you were to set the parameters of the Menu Item to display all articles inside the category instead of displaying a single article.

The next Menu Item in our example is "For Investors." In this case, we have three articles in one category and we want to show all the articles. We have set this particular Menu Item to display the category called "Investment Info." When someone clicks on this link, all three articles will appear in your Joomla page.

Menu Items can be set to show a variety of items, but most of your content will be in the form of articles, saved somewhere in the file structure of Joomla. You can set your Menu Items to display a single article, all the articles inside a single category, or everything inside a single section.


  • Category 1
    • Articles 1
    • Article 2
    • Article 3
  • Cateogry2
    • Article 1


  • Category 1
    • Articles 1

To access your Content including your Section Manager, Category Manager and Article Manager, sign in to your administrator side of Joomla and select the appropriate sub menu under "Content" along the top.


Start off by creating new Sections in the Section Manager. Click the "New" button in the upper right. Type in your Section name and click "save."

Next you will need to create a category. Articles cannot be saved into Sections. Your Category can be called the same thing as your Section or something completely different. Type in the name you want to use for your Category. Before clicking Save, however, you will need to assign a Section. This is why you will need to set up a Section first. Select the Section you want this new Category to be under and click Save.


There are a few other parameters in this window. You can choose to publish the article now or later. The default is set to publish. If you unpublish a Category, Section or Article, the information is still there - nothing is deleted - it's just not visible to the public when unpublished.

You can also select the access level. Most of the information you publish will probably be set to public. This allows everyone to see it. The default is public. If you set something to "Registered," only registered users of your site can view the information AFTER they sign in. "Special" shows the content to only Administrators and above.

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