Adding names to QContacts E-mail

Adding names to QContacts is simple and quick. As with all things related to changing your Joomla CMS site, make sure you're logged into the backend end.

  1. Mouse-over "Components" and select "Qcontacts."
  2. All the contacts from all your categories will show up. To see what categories you have, just click the down arrow where it says "Select a Category."
  3.  To view the names in a single category, click the category you would like to view. Your browser will be updated to show only those names. 
  4. Click the big green "New" button in the upper right.
  5. The next screen is where you add names, contact information etc. The first section is your primary details. If you have a naming convention, you'll Name: need to use it in the "Name" field. Some websites employ strategies like last name, first name | Business name.
    Alias: You can leave the "Alias" blank. It will automatically be generated when you click save, provided it's your first entry. If you're changing the name field after you've already saved, you'll need to delete the Alias so the system can remake it.
    Most things in Joomla require a category to be picked. So, choose your category.
    Linked to User: In most cases you don't have to link to a user, but you always can if the user and name is the same.
    Access Level: Public just means everyone can see it. Usually that's what you'll want.
  6. The next section is "Information." Usually you're going to at least put in the contact's email address, otherwise they won't be able to get any email from your site. The rest is up to you if you want to fill in or not.
  7. Over on the right, you'll see something called "Parameters." This area tells the system what information to show. Most of the time you can leave everything set to "Use Global" with the exception of "Web URL" If you want these to show up, you need to set this to "Show."
  8. When you're done, click Save or Apply up at the top. Like everything else, "Save" saves the document, but closes edit window open. "Apply" also saves the document, but keeps the edit window open.
  9. That's it. The system will automatically place the new contact where you told it to go, via the category selector.
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