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Obviously, you're going to want to add content to your website. Nothing could be easier!*

*Technically, there are plenty of "easier" things, like falling off a log, but adding articles and a link so people can find your new article is pretty easy. Just follow this tutorial and you'll be adding thousands of pages to your site in a matter of a few months!!

First, add that article!

  1. Sign into the administration side of your website: That's usually,
  2. You should see the Control Panel. Click "Article Manager." You can also find the article manager by mousing over "Components" on the top menu.

  3. You should now be looking at a spread-sheet style interface showing you some articles and some controls in how to manage those articles. If you have a small site, you might see everything in just this one page. More than likely, however, you're going to need to manage what you're looking at.

  4. Since we're adding an article, theoretically all you have to do is click the "New" button in the upper right. But since we're here anyway, let's briefly go over how to filter your articles to make things easier to find. If you're looking for a particular article and can remember the title or partial title, just type what you remember in the "Filter" box on the left. This will search your titles for whatever you typed. If you can't remember what the title is, but know it's in a particular section and/or category, you can click the drop-down menus where it says "Select Section" or  "Select Category" and your article results will only show those articles under that particular selection. For this example, we're going to make a tutorial on article management, I'm going to select the section" Tutorials and the category "Joomla Articles."
  5. Now, I'm going to poke the New button.
  6. You're now presented with the article edit window. Here you can create any article you want and tell the system where it should put the article among other things. The reason I pre-select my section and category is because when I poke "new" the section and category is already filled in for me. This is useful if you're making several articles for the same section. For more information on how sections and categories work with Joomla articles, go here

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