The Burroughs Group

Welcome to The Burroughs Group, a full-service graphic design and animation company located in Boise, Idaho. With today's current economic affairs, it's more important than ever to reach your audience with innovative marketing solutions while finding extreme value for your own marketing dollars.

Why Choose TBG?

We have provided world-class materials for integrated marketing campaigns for nearly 30 years, producing collateral material for virtually every segment of American industry. From small start-ups to multi-hundred million dollar corporations, our expertise in print and multimedia has helped hundreds of business in Idaho and the Northwest.

Along with traditional print media and exhibit designs, we provide spectacular 3D and 2D animations for DVD presentations, large venue, and custom illustrations to produce finished DVDs and video assets for multimedia, broadcast or the web. One of the advantages our clients realize right away is by having all their assets created under one roof, we can ensure the brand and message remains constant throughout multiple-channel campaigns.It also means more value for your marketing dollars.

Imagine stretching your advertising dollars further than ever while improving your brand quality. That's your future -- with TBG.

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