How can our 3D production services help your sales and marketing?

More than most people realize. Considering today's tight economics, your marketing dollars need to stretch further than ever. 3D production offers the ultimate in flexibility with quick turn-around times for print ads, TV, and direct mail. Photography still has its place, but more and more savvy companies are turning to photo-realistic 3D renderings to advertise their products. Why? Because it's often less expensive, infinitely scalable, more flexible and it can't be beat when it comes to long-term, multi-channel value.

Once TBG creates your digital assets or 3D model and textures, we can use the renderings from these files for all types of advertising and marketing. From packaging and print ads, to multimedia or web-based animations, TBG can provide you enhanced and captivating visuals for all your products.

We're Idaho's number one 3D and animation source!

Even if you haven't thought about the power and flexibility of 3D advertising services, you may want to consider this exciting medium to help you trump your competitors and help captivate your audience.

  • No more boring data or training information.
  • Easy "plug and play" virtual product demonstrations.
  • Upscale your product line and enhance its perceived value
  • Expand the possibilities. Place your products anywhere!
  • Highlight the benefits using exciting graphics and animation.
  • Make a product or service more attractive, sexier and dynamic looking, and enhance its perceived value
  • Even old products can look new and cutting edge again.